UTP Working with future Engineers at CEMAST

UTP is building a strong relationship with CEMAST, the Centre of Excellence in Engineering, Manufacturing and Advanced Skills Training.

“We know that there is a skills shortage in the UK for engineering. As a company with over 40 years sector experience finding, recruiting and retaining skilled engineers is at the heart of what we do”, said Martin Todd, Managing Director of UTP. “For too long high precision engineering has not been seen as a valuable part of the UK’s skills base. Working with CEMAST we are looking to restore that balance by providing a high quality work experience for students at CEMAST. We hope to find and retain the best talent and nurture them as part of our commitment to become an employer of choice.”

During the visit the students were shown around the manufacturing facility and had a number of informative break-out sessions. These covered not only manufacturing but also procurement, sales and marketing, customers, quality and wider economic issues facing the company and industry. The feedback from the students was very positive with the tutor reporting that their breath was “taken away” as to what a 21st century high precision manufacturing company is really like. Following the visit eight students have shown an interest in undertaking work experience with UTP.


CEMAST offers future students a choice of career first and course second. Their focus is to provide all of the knowledge that any Student will need to enter their chosen field and effectively prepare them for work and/or higher study. The CEMAST curriculum has been created in partnership with local industry leaders to ensure that students gain the most relevant and up to date industry knowledge.

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