UTP Precision Engineers Engineering oil and gas components AS9100 oil & gas

Precise, reliable, robust and durable

UTP Precision Engineers Engineering oil gas components AS9100 Oil & Gas

Reliable operations in extreme conditions

UTP Precision Engineers Engineering AS9100 oil gas components Oil & Gas

Meeting the most exacting standards

Oil & Gas

The Oil & Gas Sector is one of the world's most demanding industries, searching for energy in inhospitable conditions, with extremes of temperature, pressure and conditions that require the highest quality, precision-engineered parts, to deliver the energy we need.  

Components for oil and gas projects need to be precise, reliable, robust and durable, and UTP are proud to be able to meet the exacting standards required by this vital sector.

For example, we manufacture and assemble all the mechanical components for automated steering systems. These 12+ component sub assemblies demand the finest possible tolerances and the most robust high tensile materials in order to operate reliably in extreme conditions. They have to be able to function at temperatures ranging from -50°C to 280°C, deep underground, in a variety of substrates.

UTP Precision Engineers Engineering oil and gas components AS9100 Oil & Gas

Our Oil & Gas Credentials

  • UTP holds the AS9100 quality standard to TS157, and manufacture to tighter tolerances than other similar service providers.
  • UTP is licensed by the American Petroleum Institute (API) to use the Official API Monogram® on manufactured products under the conditions in the official publications of the API entitled API Spec Q1® and API Spec 7-1.


UTP was asked by a client to produce a bespoke component for an automated steering system, used in extreme conditions as part of a drilling process. The component protects the steering system and is the first warning for the operator of extremes of temperature.

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