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Towards Fit for Nuclear (F4N)


UTP is committed to demonstrating the highest levels of compliance across industries

UTP seeks to hold and implement the highest levels of compliance in whichever industry it works, both mandatory and voluntary. To that end, UTP holds the following critical standards and licences, and is currently working towards Fit for Nuclear accreditation. We will continue to maintain the highest standards possible.

Official API Monogram® Licensed Supplier

UTP is approved and licensed by the American Petroleum Institute (API) to use the official API Monogram® on all applicable products that fall within the API scope. Our products for the oil and gas industry meet industry-written standards and globally-accepted management system specifications, published by the API, and demonstrate that UTP is a trusted supplier to manufacturers of drilling, production and refinery equipment.

Aerospace AS9100 Rev D Quality Standard

Following its latest audit, UTP has secured the upgraded quality standard of AS9100 Rev D.
AS9100 is the international management system standard for the Aircraft, Space and Defence (AS&D) industry. AS9100 takes the ISO 9001 requirements and supplements them with additional quality system requirements, which are established by the aerospace industry in order to satisfy DOD, NASA and FAA quality requirements. The intent of the standard is to establish a single quality system for use within the aerospace industry.

Rev D is the most up to date version of the standard. While it retains a large proportion of the previous quality management system, it also provides more focus on the risks and opportunities within the context of the organisation and encourages greater responsibility and management of externally provided systems and processes.

ADS Aerospace, Defence, Security, Space Membership

UTP is a member of ADS, the premier trade organisation for companies in the UK aerospace, defence, security and space sectors. ADS plays an instrumental role in bringing industry and Government together, and seeks to maintain and grow the UK as a world leader across the aerospace, defence, security and space industries.

Society of Petroleum Engineers

UTP is a member of the SPE, which seeks to enable the global oil and gas E&P industry to share technical knowledge needed to meet the world’s energy needs in a safe and environmentally responsible manner.

Officially founded in 1957 and incorporated as a separate entity in 1985, the SPE grew out of the American Institute of Mining Engineers (AIME), founded in 1871 to advance the production of metals, minerals and energy resources through the application of engineering. It is now the largest individual-member organization serving managers, engineers, scientists and other professionals worldwide in the upstream segment of the oil and gas industry.

Cyber Essentials

With the ever-increasing threat of cyber attacks, UTP is delighted to confirm that it has taken every available measure to protect the security of its data and that of its partners.  

The Cyber Essentials scheme helps organisations to protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of data stored on devices which connect to the Internet. Such as: desktop and laptop PCs; tablets and smartphones; all types of server and networking equipment. Our certificate was awarded in February 2018.

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