UTP Secures Quality first-AS9100 Rev D

Following its latest audit, UTP has secured the upgraded quality standard of AS9100 Rev D.

This standard is the most up to date version of the aerospace quality management system. Whilst Rev D has retained a large proportion of the previous quality management system it provides more focus on the risks and opportunities within the context of the organisation and encourages greater responsibility and management of externally provided systems and processes.

“Continuous improvement must be a core tenant of any engineering business. This latest standard encourages more decentralisation of the quality system with responsibility spread through out the organisation. I am very pleased with how the management team have responded to the new approach and look forward to seeing the benefits of this new standard flow through to our customers” says Martin Todd, Managing Director.

“UTP is also actively exploring new opportunities across a range sectors, from nuclear to large scale infrastructure projects, this quality mark provides a clear demonstration to those potential customers that UTP can be a trusted partner in their critical supply chains.”

To see a copy of the certificate please visit our downloads page.

The SAE and As9100 Rev D

SAE Aerospace Quality Standards is a collection of critical documents published by the following groups: American Aerospace Quality Group, International Aerospace Quality Group, Aerospace Engine Supplier Quality Committee, Counterfeit Electronic Parts Committee, Counterfeit Material Committee, and the Manufacturing Management Committee. Widely accepted by the aerospace industry, this collection of standards provides tools for continuous improvement to help manufacturers and suppliers remain compliant and deliver the quality that customers demand.

For more information on the standard visit the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) website at www.sae.org