Manufacturing for Global Markets

British company UTP provides engineering services into the global market, including high precision defence and aerospace sectors, critical components for the oil and gas sectors and bespoke components into the nuclear sector. With a global market opportunity how does UTP help its client maximise their supply chain efficiency?

“We have always had an eye for quality,” says Alan Knox, Commercial Director of UTP. “And that has allowed us to enhance the services we offer to our clients by removing complexity from their supply chain.”

“An example is that for one component we actually researched, designed and then built a bespoke measurement rig for the final components. We now machine the component, assemble the component and then fully test and certify the component prior to shipment.”

“For that customer that component no longer needs to be shipped back to a central hub for testing before being repackaged and sent to site. We worked hard to build the confidence and to demonstrate to that client our ability to measure, monitor and certify the assembled final component.”

“Essentially we supply straight to site simplifying their supply chain logistics and providing a better certification route than what they were previously achieving.”

“The sectors we operate in are by their nature international so we have always worked with international customers.  More recently, we have noticed that global supply chains are requiring their suppliers to be more innovative, to be more flexible and be able to ship components to wherever they are needed.”

“UTP is exporting its services across the globe. We have just finished a component that has been sent direct to China, another example of how our attitude of collaboration combined with strong project management and engineering diligence is working for us and our clients.”

UTP is investing for success both in the UK and abroad. Our engineering team would be delighted to hear from you to understand more about how we can meet your engineering needs. Please call Alan Knox on 01329 552493 or send an email to [email protected].