Diligent Sustainability – The Next Level

UTP Precision Engineers Engineering manufacturing building componentsUTP’s move to a new facility is part of an on-going ethos for the precision engineering company, based in Lee-on-Solent.  “UTP had a philosophy, and indeed a responsibility, to make their new home as efficient and sustainable as possible. It is the operational, or in use, consumption that will have the greatest impact over the lifetime of a building,” says Martin Todd, Managing Director, “This approach continues to play a key part in our plans, both for now and in the future.”

“We chose not to install gas as we wanted to be an onsite emission-free company. This means that by focussing on electricity we are able to capture the accelerating grid de-carbonisation, benefiting our customers, the environment and UTP.”

“We have now been on site for almost a year in fully operational mode. During that time we have learnt how the building operates and how it responds to different climatic conditions. Thus far we are extremely happy with how the inter-seasonal heat pump system is operating. It is maintaining a rock solid internal temperature in the manufacturing zone that is critical to the business. But – there is more to be done.”

“We have recently switched on a range of sub-meters in the factory to enable a more granular approach to monitoring our energy usage, are exploring new software to minimise raw material wastage by machine programming enhancements, and discussing the possibility of on-site generation. All of which are very exciting.”

“We continue to review how best to work with our local community. So far, we are delighted with how our apprenticeship scheme with CEMAST, the Centre of Excellence in Engineering, Manufacturing and Advanced Skills training, is progressing. We have hosted our first round of meetings and are looking forward to welcoming a number of apprentices in September.”

“It is not just machinists and engineers that we need. As we grow and expand we are keen to employ local people to help fill the emerging roles across the business.  A shorter commute will help them spend more time with their family, minimises commuting emissions and helps our employee satisfaction and engagement. We already offer secure bike storage and showers and will be looking to understand the potential and demand for on-site electric vehicle charging points.”

“We are starting a programme of engagement with our suppliers to better understand the provenance of our metals and what alternatives there are for other aspects of our operations, from machine lubricants to transport. We are also exploring the potential of additive manufacturing to provide more resource-efficient solutions for our customers. All this effort is to enable UTP to be the engineering firm of choice for our customers.”

“We know as a business we have responsibilities for both now and in the future and we need to understand our role in that.”

UTP is a high-precision engineering firm producing world-class components for the aerospace, defence, oil and gas and nuclear sectors. If you would like to understand more about what we can offer please contact [email protected] or call 01329 552493. We are always on the look out for people who share our vision for engineering in the 21st century, so please send any CV’s to [email protected] .